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Our 2022 December 1st Boxes

If you’ve been following along for a few years, you may know that one of my favorite Christmas traditions is doing a December first or Christmas Eve box. This is simply a fun gift that includes festive pajamas and a few other fun items. The only difference between doing a December first vs. Christmas Eve box is the earlier you give it, the longer your kids can enjoy their pajamas. My boys really enjoyed wearing their pajamas all month long last year, so I knew we’d be choosing a December first box again.

This year, we have a precious new addition to our family and it was so much fun to pick out baby girl Christmas accessories. I decided to stick to wearable items this year since the Christmas season at our house already includes lots of homemade goodies and treats. After I collected everything, I took just a few minutes to create a little bundle for each child, tied them with ribbon and tucked them into my favorite basket. They’ll be so excited to receive these!

For my boys, I chose a pair of Christmas pajamas, a cozy sweatshirt, a knit beanie and a pair of cozy Santa socks (not pictured but I’ll link them below).

1. Christmas Pajamas

2. Joyful sweatshirt

3. Red knit beanie

4. Santa socks

For baby girl, I chose a Christmas sleeper, a cozy sweatshirt, Sherpa booties and 4 really fun and seasonal headbands.

1. Christmas sleeper

2. Joyful sweatshirt

3. Sherpa booties

4. Holly headband

5. Patterned bows

Click here to see what I included in our December 1st boxes last year.

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