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    Our Homeschool Plans for the Christmas Season

    I’m so excited to share what we have planned for our homeschool over the next month. While we always do many fun and exciting Christmas activities throughout the month of December, I really wanted our homeschool to be filled with intentional activities that help us focus on the true meaning of the season. While we love using The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum throughout the year, switching over to “Christmas School” is just what we need! This year, we’ll be spending several weeks using A Connected Christmas from Treehouse Schoolhouse. I was so excited to order this curriculum and can already tell that it is going to be such a…

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    Our 2022 December 1st Boxes

    If you’ve been following along for a few years, you may know that one of my favorite Christmas traditions is doing a December first or Christmas Eve box. This is simply a fun gift that includes festive pajamas and a few other fun items. The only difference between doing a December first vs. Christmas Eve box is the earlier you give it, the longer your kids can enjoy their pajamas. My boys really enjoyed wearing their pajamas all month long last year, so I knew we’d be choosing a December first box again. This year, we have a precious new addition to our family and it was so much fun…

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    Decorating Gingerbread Houses- A Favorite Christmas Tradition

    One of the earliest Christmas traditions we started after having our boys was decorating gingerbread houses. This has become such a special tradition in our house and is something my boys anxiously anticipate each year. Although our houses look a little different each year, part of our tradition is for every family member to decorate their own house. I like to prepare the houses so they’re already assembled and set a festive table where we can enjoy nibbling on candies while decorating as a family. Today, I’m going to share a few simple tips that have made this tradition work well in our home. There are countless ways to do…

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    What’s In Our December First Boxes

    Since Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, establishing Christmas traditions after having kids has meant so much to me. I hope that my boys will have the best memories of our celebrations together over the years. A new tradition we’re starting this year is December 1st boxes. In previous years, I’ve assembled Christmas Eve boxes with small treats and festive pajamas. This year, I thought it would work better for us if we do a December 1st box instead, allowing them to wear their special pajamas all month long. Christmas Eve is already filled with so much excitement so I thought it would be fun to spread things out throughout…

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    My Favorite Baby Essentials for 2021

    As we anticipate the arrival of our sweet baby girl, I’ve been trying to wrap up preparations so we can relax and enjoy the holidays leading up to her birth. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite things. Since this is our third baby, we had a good a good idea of items we wanted to splurge on and things we wanted to skip altogether this time. I think every parent has a slightly different view on what’s important or essential to have for a new little one, it’s really just a personal preference. Some of these are items we’ve used with our previous two children and purchased…

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    Life Update & An Exciting Announcement!

    I cannot believe it’s been over a year since my last post. I’ve missed sharing in this space and so excited to be back. We’ve had an exciting and busy year and so much has changed. We purchased a new home and moved to another city not too far. We’re still enjoying life on the East Coast. We’ve lived in our new home just over a year now and are slowly making changes to create spaces we love. While we miss our little cottage, it was well worth the sacrifice to be closer to family. I plan to share photos of our new home and some of the updates we’ve…

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    Back to School Essentials Bundle

    Hey friends, can you believe it’s time for school to start already? Summer flew by and I’m so excited to dive into our first year of homeschooling. I’ve found some really amazing homeschool resources in the past several months and today I wanted to share an incredible bundle available for just a few more days. Habitat Schoolhouse has put together a brand NEW Back to School Essentials Bundle and I’ve partnered with them to help spread the news. So, whether you homeschool, unschool, or are just starting your first year of homeschooling, this Back to School Essentials Bundle is for you. It has more than 600 pages of material across…

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    Our Journey to Parenthood

    Since I was just a little girl, I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming and having lots of kids. Particularly, five. I’ve always had this picture in my head of Christmas morning breakfast with cheerful little faces gathered around a breakfast table in their pajamas.

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    Documentary Style Family Photos

    I’m so excited to share a documentary style photo session we had recently with a dear friend and talented photographer. I’ve know Amanda from Amanda Raylee Photography since 7th grade. We spent our middle school years having countless sleepovers and have been dear friends ever since. Amanda blessed us with maternity pictures just days before the early arrival of our second son, Harrison, two and a half years ago. We look back at those photos often and cherish the sweet moments they captured for us. You can imagine the excitement I felt when Amanda asked about doing a documentary style photo shoot at our home earlier this summer.