DIY Home

Creating an Organized Cleaning Caddy

One of the things in my home that is a constant work in progress is my cleaning routine. Through each season, it’s a process of finding what works best for my family during whatever phase we’re in. Keeping a clean house can be completely overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I am a very visual person drawn to all things pretty, so having pretty cleaning products makes me want to actually use them.

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This year, I wanted to start by organizing a few of my most used cleaning items in a pretty and cohesive way. There’s something satisfying about opening a cabinet to find matching and labeled items so you can quickly find what you need. These are essentials that are used often.

The number one used cleaner in my home is a diy counter spray. This is an easy to make solution and has really helped me to save money on cleaning supplies. Since we eat pretty much all of our meals at home, our kitchen is in constant use. On an average day, I clean all of our counters at least 4-6 times. I use this all purpose spray on our quartz counters and multiple other surfaces. I also keep a pretty basket on my dining room shelving filled with these gray microfiber cloths. They’re perfect for wiping up counters and polishing stainless steel appliances. After I use a cloth, I toss it in a bucket kept in the laundry room and wash them all together when it’s full. Typically, every couple of days. These cloths have saved so many paper towels and I love that I can clean up as many times as I want and not feel like I’m wasting rolls of paper towels.

I started by ordering a few amber spray bottles to add to my current collection as well as a simple label maker. I’ve had my eye on this label maker for a while and knew it would be perfect for all of my cleaning and organization projects underway. I love that there are no batteries to change as well as its ease of use. Also, there are so many great colors of tape that are compatible with it. I chose this gold tape to tie in with my existing home decor. I’ll definitely be grabbing the clear tape soon as well.

I started by washing the amber bottles and allowing them to fully dry. You can probably skip this step, I just wanted to ensure that there wasn’t any strange residue on them prior to use. After they were dry, I started making labels. If your’e using this exact label maker, be sure to squeeze the handle firmly with each letter. This will help prevent any letters from appearing more of a faded white. I also found it helpful to add a space after the last letter prior to cutting. Adding the space gives you a more even piece of gold tape on each side of the word rather than cutting it off super close to the last letter.

After I made all of my labels, I lined them up as evenly as I could over the bottles and stuck them on. With my spray bottles that are a uniform height, I found it easiest to lay them down side by side while applying the labels.

These practical and durable spray bottles are perfect if you’re trying to achieve a cohesive look in your cleaning cabinet. They’re even pretty enough to leave on the counter. If you have a variety of cleaning products you plan to store, they also sell screw on caps, various spray triggers as well as lotion/soap pumps. I used this cute and inexpensive wooden crate to gather all of my bottles.

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If you’re interested in making your own cleaners to cut down on toxins and cut costs, I highly recommend checking out Clean Mama. She is a wealth of knowledge and has so many fun free printable and DIY cleaner recipes.