Holidays at Home

Kids Gingerbread Apron

I have another fun Christmas craft to share with you today. I Just can’t seem to get enough gingerbread this year and had fun making these cute little aprons for my boys.

You only need a few supplies to make one of these and can personalize it however you want. I used these adorable little aprons from Hobby Lobby. They are small and the perfect size for toddlers. They’re also on sale this week for $2.79. If you happen to grab them on a week they’re not on sale, you can use the 40% one item coupon from the Hobby Lobby website. This would make such a fun gift for a little one around the holidays. My boys really like that there are pockets on these and want to help in the kitchen anytime they can.


-Solid colored apron

-Gingerbread man cookie cutter or another shape of your choice


-Gold acrylic paint

-White puff paint

-Small paint brush

1. Place your apron on a counter or solid flat surface.

2. Center the cookie cutter over the top middle of the apron.

3. Use your pen to trace around your cookie cutter.

4. Using a small amount of paint on your brush, paint around the outline of your gingerbread man.

5. Once outlined, paint the center. Allow to dry and give it a second coat if needed.

6. Use your white puff paint to outline your gingerbread man and add details just as you would add to a cookie.

That’s it! These only took about 20 minutes from start to finish, plus a few hours for the puff paint to fully dry. Hobby lobby also sells the adult version of this apron. How cute would a “mommy and me” set be?