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What’s In Our Christmas Eve Boxes

Happy Friday, friends! My mind is exploding with all of the fun Christmas activities and crafts I want to squeeze in before Christmas. Today, I’m sharing how we do the Christmas Eve box tradition at our house. This has been such a fun tradition over the past several years since becoming a mom. I love seeing how others celebrate Christmas and all of the unique and fun traditions. This is one of ours.

My husband happened to be wearing a coordinating shirt when I snapped these photos and hopped right in. I just had to share this one since he’s the guy behind making many of my ideas a reality, and my very best friend.

I realize I have posted a lot of child related Christmas content and I wanted to acknowledge all of the woman out there waiting and longing to be a mother this Christmas. You are not forgotten. Christmas is such a special and magical time but also a painful time for many. Personally, I have found so much comfort and hope in Christmas. I can’t help but think back to Christmas several years ago when my husband and I found ourselves in the most difficult part of our battle with infertility. That year, it was about a week before Halloween and I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been. I was sad in a way I don’t have words to describe, longing to hear the sounds of pitter patter throughout our house. In desperation for something to pull me from the pit I was stuck in, I set up the Christmas tree and pulled out all of the Christmas decor. In the midst of everything, seeing our tree lit up and festive decor brought comfort and hope. Little did I know, that would be the last Christmas before someone called me Mama. In fact, we welcomed our sweet boy the next year, just 15 days before Christmas.

Throughout the wait and during that Christmas, I dreamed of all the things I wanted to do as a mother and what holidays would look like with little ones running around. In combination with sweet childhood memories of Christmas, our infertility journey is a lot of my “why” behind how we choose to celebrate Christmas and holidays now that we have little ones.

Now that you know a little bit about why I’m so excited to create fun activities and memories, back to Christmas Eve Boxes. This tradition usually consists of things that will be used and enjoyed on Christmas Eve and is something fun for kids to open in anticipation of Christmas Morning. Each year, our box looks a little different and goes along with our decor theme. You can choose to use the same special box every year or change it up. I prefer to use a different container each year and always choose something timeless that blends with our home decor and serves as storage somewhere in our home. My goal is for each item to go beyond Christmas and have a place in our home. I would describe our home as a mix of cottage and coastal. This years Christmas decor includes mostly light blues and greenery. First, I purchased these sturdy wooden crates to hold all the goodies. They’re solid, neutral and can be used almost anywhere in our home. Here’s what I filled them with:

1. Plush whale

2. Plush shark

2. Nautical muslin blanket

3. Ribbed pajamas

4. Reindeer glasses

I found the reindeer glasses for only a dollar in the stocking stuffer section at Walmart. I like that they’re simple and neutral. In year past, I’ve included something else festive to wear like antlers.

5. Favorite snacks

I included my boys favorite, beef sticks, and gummy legos I found in the bulk bin section of Fresh Market.

To assemble the boxes, I added a few sheets of white tissue paper, piled everything in and added a small green wreath with a navy blue bow to the front of the crate. I made these wreaths a few years back using Target dollar spot garland and pack them up each year in my gift wrap box to use again. They’ve embellished gifts, toys, a wagon for Christmas photos and much more. I hope this post is helpful, if you’ve never done Christmas Eve boxes, they are truly a fun tradition to look forward to. Check back soon to see more Christmas traditions our family enjoys.

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