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Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar

I am so excited to share a fun little spot in our holiday home with you today. When it comes to Christmas, I’m all about family traditions, no matter how small, and creating sweet memories for my little ones. A hot cocoa bar is the perfect little set-up to leave on a counter or sideboard throughout the season.

Some of the things I love about this holiday tradition is that there are endless options for toppings, every hot cocoa station is a little different, and you can fully customize this to fit your family.

I chose to set ours up on our kitchen counter where my little guys can see all of the yummy toppings. That jar of marshmallows really made their eyes light up. The entire set up took less than 20 minutes and this is a great way to use serving pieces and jars that are collecting dust. I shopped my cabinets and open shelving and found everything I needed. I’m so excited to use these new Santa mugs I found last week. They’re neutral, classic and will match any color scheme I choose in the future.

All you need is hot cocoa and any toppings you enjoy. I kept ours very simple and plan to swap out items as the season progresses so we can try new things. I filled a jar with miniature marshmallows, sugar, chocolate chunks and soft peppermint sticks. We are loving this salted caramel hot cocoa mix from Trader Joe’s. There are so many topping options you could choose. Sprinkles, festive marshmallow shapes, candy canes, caramel sauce, crushed candies, and various flavored syrups.

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I staggered a few serving trays and used one for arranging jars and another to display our mugs. There are wooden spoons for stirring and guests can help themselves to anything they’d like. If you’re looking for a fun new family tradition to look forward to each year, I hope you’ll give this a try!

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  • Kirsten

    Wow! This is amazing! I absolutely love hot chocolate (even though I really shouldn’t drink it). I can see me setting up something like this at home or work (or both)! I love the pictures you took of everything, so festive and holiday-themed. Great idea!

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