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DIY Gingerbread Wall Hanging

I recently started sifting through my Christmas decor for the year and was so excited when I pulled out this cute little gem I whipped up last season. With the arrival of a new baby in the next few months, I wanted to get a head start on Christmas decorating but keep it a little more simple than previous years. Something I realized while sorting through boxes was that many of my favorite things are faux greenery and handmade gingerbread house decorations. If you love gingerbread house decor, be sure to also check out my gingerbread house garland tutorial.

This little wall hanging is in the heart of our home, hanging from a long peg rail on the wall in our kitchen and dining area. It only took me about 20 minutes to make last Christmas, using supplies that I already had on hand. You can easily alter this to fit whatever space you want to use it in and the boxes you have available. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Small boxes of different shapes and sizes. You can likely find the best sized boxes in your own pantry. Boxes from things like pudding, jello, tea bags and anything small will work perfectly!

2. Kraft wrapping paper

3. Clear scotch tape

4. Thin twine or yarn (I found the twine pictured at HomeGoods). Simple kitchen twine works great too!

5. White chalk marker or paint pen

6. Scissors

7. Faux greenery stems, garland (optional)

After you gather the boxes you’ll use, tape them shut and wrap each of them like you would a present, using the kraft colored wrapping paper.

On the smoothly wrapped side where there are no seams or tape, use your chalk marker to draw houses and little details. Don’t stress over this step, just have fun and get creative.

After the marker has dried, Use your twine to tie around each package once, securing with a knot and leaving 8-12 inches for hanging.

Once you’ve tied all your packages, you’ll want to take the remaining loose string hanging from them and tie them all together in a bunch at the top or hang them side by side on hooks or a peg rail. Right before doing this, I arranged the boxes how I thought they looked best and cut a few of the strings to give them a staggered look.

I hung my houses individually on my peg rail and arranged my favorite Christmas greenery stems above them. A short piece of garland would probably work well too. If you decide to tie the strings together in a bunch at the top, a pretty bow would be a great finishing touch.

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