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DIY Paper Bag Snowflakes

If you’re looking for simple and inexpensive Christmas decor,these snowflakes are the perfect DIY. I hung these from the ceiling all throughout our entry way last year and they made such a huge impact. This year, I decided they’d be perfect hanging above our hot cocoa station. You don’t need a ton of supplies to make these and can have several done in less than an hour.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

-Paper bags (You can use standard size lunch bags or smaller ones in whatever color you prefer.) You’ll need 8 bags per snowflake.

-Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks

-Sharp pair of scissors

-Scotch tape

-Single hole punch

-Fishing line or clear string

-Small command hooks/clips

1. Start by plugging in your glue gun and separating your bags into piles of 8 until you have a stack for each snowflake you plan to make.

2. Arrange each pile with all bags facing the same direction, smooth side facing up.

3. Grab your first stack of bags and make an upside down uppercase T using hot glue. Refer to the picture below.

4. Take the next paper bag and place it on top of the bag with hot glue, smooth side still facing up. Try your best to keep the bags lined up straight as you glue. Continue glueing the T pattern on each bag until all 8 of your bags are glued together.

5. Now, position your stack of bags with the top of the bags pointing up. Using your scissors, cut the tip of the bag into a point. You can choose a perfectly pointed tip or slightly rounded. This will become the tips of the snowflake.

6. Next, cut small notches of any shape from the sides of your bag. Avoid cutting the area where the bottom of the bag naturally folds. It may be a little challenging cutting through so many layers, don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect after cutting!

After I finishing cutting one snowflake, I like cut all the others before unfolding them.

7. Now, starting with one snowflake, very carefully begin opening it by pulling the layers away from each other at the tip. My boys love to watch this step and are amazed at how the bags magically turn into snowflakes.

8. Once you’ve fully opened the snowflake, don’t let go or it will fold back up. Using hot glue, make a glue line down the center of the bag in the opening and press the two loose sides together to secure it.

Open and glue the remaining snowflakes.

9. Using a piece of scotch tape, fold tape over one tip of each snowflake and punch a hole in the center. The tape will prevent the fishing line from tearing through the bags while hanging.

10. Attach your fishing line or string to each snowflake. I like to cut mine different lengths to add some interest when they’re all hanging together. Last, attach them to the ceiling using clear command clips…that’s it!


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